Note: this tool requires an active ArcGIS license.


ArcGIS script to delete empty feature classes from an existing geodatabase. Can be used from ArcGIS Python console, as ArcCatalog script tool, or from the command line: uses to print output.

This tool will work for geodatabases with or without feature datasets: if existing, empty feature datasets will also be removed. Can be used on local (file) geodatabases or on ArcSDE connections.

Writes a text log of removed feature classes to working directory. Empty feature classes that ArcGIS is unable to delete will be reported & skipped: any unremovable feature classes must be removed manually. Prints given messages to the Python window using either arcpy functions or print() depending on the script's running environment. This is necessary because arcpy will not pass print() statements to the geoprocessing window if run from within ArcGIS geoprocessing environment.